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The Inside Look (April 29 issue)
I’d like to dedicate this issue to Mothers, Mothers-in-Law, Step-Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Smother-Mothers and those who in their own way, mother others!  But, in particular, I’d like to give a shout-out to the many Mothers who work in this industry.  In spite of the long hours, nail-biting pressure, frequent travel and every single holiday-away….. you provide the most important gift to this world by planting the seeds of the future.   ... Read more
Mother’s Day: A rocky start to our No. 1 floral holiday
The history of Mother’s Day began with a daughter’s pursuit to honor her beloved mother. Mother’s Day is a holiday honoring motherhood. For many, it’s a time to show love and gratitude to the women who have been mentors and caregivers; those who help shape us into who we are. Despite how it seems, card companies did not invent this holiday. So, what is the history behind Mother’s Day? In 1858, Ann Reeves Jarvis was a social activist and community organizer who... Read more
Turning Mother’s Day into a high-octane selling machine
Without doubt, a late Easter has put an additional pressure on the performance of Mother’s Day, with only THREE weeks between the two holidays. The challenge in front of us is re-energizing each store with fresh, new and unique Mother’s Day products so that customers who purchased Easter flowers for Mom, will still be enticed to purchase another floral gift for Mom only THREE weeks later! So, where’s a good place to start?   Let’s start with… Purge There’s... Read more
PMA offers fresh look on floral
Flowers are discretionary goods, and the floral market is highly affected by the state of the economy, changes in production, retail competition, consumer demographics and trends, and more. Produce Marketing Association is committed to helping the supermarket floral industry flourish. So as a go-to resource for members of the mass-market floral community, we took a fresh look at where floral is going. Below are some highlights from our recent research, and some... Read more
May: Two neighboring countries in remembrance
The month of May gives the nation a time to focus and express appreciation and recognition of our armed services. It allows Americans to educate each generation on the impact of our military - to recall and learn about our American history. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. Mexico had defaulted on its foreign debt to several European countries, including France. Napoleon... Read more
AFE cracks the talent code for the future
The Labor Issue. Right now, it’s our industry’s kryptonite and it’s likely affecting your business too. Open any publications or attend any event, and industry members are talking about how difficult it is to hire new and knowledgeable talent. So, what can you do? Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix. But there are industry programs that are helping to bring top talent to our industry. Jamie Kitz; Sakata Seed America, Inc. Morgan Hill, CA. ‘AFE provides research,... Read more
Two Pre-Mother’s Day Sales Events:  National Teachers’ Day and National Nurses’ Day
Teachers and nurses are humble heroes who invest in other people — this month we observe their many contributions. National Nurses Day is Monday, May 6 Nurses are considered to be one of the most trusted professionals in any field. They are the real foundation of every hospital and medical facility. They successfully blend skillful medical competence and compassion into one. They advocate for us and chat with us as friends. They tell us the facts, while also... Read more
Unearthly-looking Sapphire Tower now in bloom at San Diego Botanic Garden
Characterized by unearthly, metallic-looking, deep turquoise blooms, that are punctuated by bright orange anthers, the Puya alpestris, commonly known as the Sapphire Tower, looks like nothing else in the plant world. This striking flower that often causes visitors to say ‘Is this REAL?’ is now in bloom at the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas. A native plant of South America, this Chilean species is a member of the pineapple family, with flowers measuring... Read more
SAF puts floral research dollars and data front and center with lawmakers
Weeks after dozens of growers, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers traveled to Washington, D.C., for the Society of American Florists’ Congressional Action Days (CAD), lawmakers are giving heightened attention to key industry issues, thanks to the ongoing efforts of SAF and its members. Since the mid-March event, SAF has coordinated with 21 congressional offices on follow-up requests for more information on the Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative and... Read more
An HR horror story — passion vs. policy!
I am a vegan, yes, one of “those” folks who gets excited over a head of broccoli. I frequent restaurants that allow me to use a platter for my salad. As a “regular”, I know the employees and they know me. Glenna Hecht is a speaker, author, consultant, and HR Guru. For help with your policies, contact us at I recently visited one of my favorite spots and was greeted by an employee who could be classified as a “rock star”. You know the type!... Read more
Graduate toward higher revenue — the history of that special day
As area college and high school seniors prepare to graduate, the traditions of the graduation ceremony that have existed for generations will be put into practice yet again. But what are the origins of all these traditions? A graduation ceremony is a tradition termed as a rite of passage. The baccalaureate ceremony originates back to 1432 at Oxford University. Early commencement ceremonies were more about hearing from the students themselves. Those graduating were... Read more
Floorspace busting at the seams? Fascinating pop-up shop tactics that can help your business grow
There are two types of creativity in our business: Product Creativity and Business Creativity.   Admittedly, many hours are spent on product creativity- finding the perfect mix of fresh-cuts, sourcing the optimal assortment of plants and finding the latest products that’ll propel our stores well-ahead of the competition. But there’s more… Developing a creative consumer-centric business strategy for the future will determine the solvency of our business... Read more
We love it when we’re cruisin’ together
The excitement is palpable as the floriculture industry sets sail to Miami Beach, Florida from June 18-20, where leaders will satiate their passion for learning and become immersed in new products that will attract more consumers and cover broader demographics.   This year, IFE’s Education Day on June 18th will present speakers and information that have not been published or shared anywhere else. The attendees at IFE Education Day will be the first to... Read more
How do I deal with that (perpetually) unhappy customer?
We’ve all been there... you say, “A” and the answer’s “B.” You say “B” and the answer’s “A.” While it’s true that unhappy customers are our greatest source of learning, that “walk through fire” sure isn’t the most pleasant form of education! Most of us have been on both sides of the coin, so we understand where dissatisfaction occurs. Some people walk off in a huff, and never return to the business. While others care enough about the establishment that they... Read more
Sunburst Farms has reached an agreement to acquire certain assets of DVFlora Miami
Sunburst Farms has reached an agreement to acquire certain assets of DVFlora Miami, a division of Delaware Valley Floral Group, Inc. (DVFG). The acquisition was completed on April 1. DVFlora Miami is an Import Distributor serving customers nationally from their Miami, Florida location. Sunburst Farms is one of the most recognized companies in the floral industry and has been in business for over 50 years. All DVFlora Miami sales associates will be joining Sunburst... Read more
IFTEX ramping up  for 8th edition of Kenya’s Flower Industry Trade Show
From June 5-7, 2019, the next edition of IFTEX will take place in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. IFTEX will be held in the same location, The Oshwal Center in Westland — a beautiful location in the heart of Nairobi, where Kenya’s flower industry will showcase its best and latest varieties of flowers — ready for the world to buy. Producers from a.o. Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe and other African countries have found IFTEX as a crucial place to meet... Read more
Ecuadorian trade show Agriflor becoming a yearly event
Beginning this year, the international flower trade show in Ecuador, Agriflor, will change from a biennial event into an annual event. The importance of the Ecuadorian flower industry justifies the change for many compelling reasons and allows buyers to source flowers through this exhibition on an annual basis. This year’s Agriflor (held September 30-October 2) precedes Proflora; Colombia (held October 2-4), allowing international visitors to attend both shows... Read more
Producers and consumers lock arms at the Philadelphia Flower Show
Where would we be without the art of our business? Indeed, the science has to work and the financials have to work even more… but the element of design is what separates our gift items from all others. It’s our marketing angle, our uniqueness and our point of differentiation. Welcome to the Philadelphia Flower Show, where the consumers revel in the art of the industry, side-by-side with the artisans!   {igallery id=7496|cid=417|pid=1|type=category|c... Read more
I don’t know of any month that’s more action-packed than April! The month of April fills the gap between Valentine and Mother’s Day… it contains a major holiday of its own-Easter — and it’s jam-packed with the most important secondary holidays of the year! Of course, April is also the ramp-up to Mother’s Day which pulls up the rear of our big Spring holiday season! Didja’ know that the month of April is named after the Greek goddess, Aphrodite? In the Roman calendar,... Read more
All about the Easter lily:  purity, hope and life
It’s fascinating how particular plants become associated with certain holidays and seasons. The Easter lily with its gorgeous, fragrant white blooms has come to symbolize the Easter season. However, few people know how these flowers came to play their part. Have you ever thought about where they are from or how they got their name? Easter lilies, native to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, were introduced to the Bermuda island in the mid-19th century when General Russell... Read more