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Lightning strikes about 20 million times a year. Many people claim that lightning won’t hit in the same spot twice. Is that true? Not according to a produce manager named Harold. Harold depends on receiving his delivery order from the warehouse on schedule. One day, during the height of a major holiday week, his delivery had still not arrived after being late by several hours. The delay depleted the department. A frantic... Read more

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Oppy seeing rise in organics
In the last three years, Coquitlam, BC-based The Openheimer Group has added more resources to focus on its organic growth and have experienced substantial growth — with organics currently Oppy’s fastest-growing business unit. Chris Ford, organic category manager for Oppy, said the company has been a pioneer of some excellent long-standing organic programs within... Read more

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Pan-Oston brings Airwave organic display to U.S. market
This unique produce display system that extends produce life is expanding into the U.S. as a result of retailer interest due to its effectiveness at reducing shrink and waste.Ray Gagne, founder of Airwave Produce Management Systems, and Matt Lurie, president of Organic Garage, talk produce sustainability at the latest store opening in Toronto. Airwave has been... Read more


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Pearson names Arizona Agriculturalist of the Year
The Arizona Department of Agriculture partnered with the Governor Doug Ducey’s office and gave out the Governor’s Awards for Agriculture on Dec. 2. Cindi Pearson was the recipient of the Arizona Agriculturist of the Year. Mark Killian, director of the Department of Agriculture, and Gilbert Davidson,... Read more